Our philosophy

Hwarang Kwan Do stands for all facets of martial arts as well as the authentic and competent teaching of this way of life. Apart from being excited about martial arts all our instructors have been successful martial artists and are looking forward to sharing with your their knowledge and your excitement.

This is done in direct touch with you in the club or schools, or indirectly by preparing your training plan or organising events. Our aim is to make your training fun – no matter where it takes place.

Hwarang Kwan Do is the place to be for all those who are active in martial arts. This is why we offer many opportunities to support you, besides the training plans and equipment for any activity in Hwarang Kwan Do. We offer creative concepts like reality-proven self-defence role plays and outdoor acitivities that inspire and attrack people to martial arts. You will also be able to explore new aspects in our innovative concepts. You not only try out one of the best martial arts but get to know yourself in a new way. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!


Inspired by the principles of Hwarang Kwan Do that have been tried and tested for over thirty years

holistic patterns of movement „body/mind and soul“ aiming at better physical and mental performance

flexibility, coordination and self-confidence

improve self-perception and increase efficiency by persistance and velocity

peace of mind by breathing and relaxation techniques

better understand and accept feelings of anxiety

special trainings for self-defence

basic medical knowledge (anatomy, tender points)

training for everyday situations: “What to do in an emergency?”

preparing for an assault by role plays and outdoor events

how to build up an emergency system in order to prevent myself from violence

Our concept

Mainly our concept comprises a mix of martial arts know-how and a training programme tailored to our members. We take your needs and requirements of our members seriously and do our best to build your training plan accordingly. Our aim is to help you gain know-how of self-defence and martial art in a short time in order for you to use a training and self-defence plan in everyday life. Thus you will get a better understanding of our training programme.  A training programme is not a one-fit-all solution but is supposed to be an inspiration for the individual member.
You possibly know the dissatisfying situation of just doing your work out without any success. Instead of paying high monthly fees we want you to be inspired by an effective individual training plan every time you finish a class.

Also often people over 30 are reluctant to learn new movement patterns. This is not out of lack of interest but because they feel they can’t do it. Forget about those doubts. We promise everyone is able to learn new movements with the help of a qualified instructor. You just need to bring a bit of interest to learn new things.