Headquarters USA

Inst. Klaus Wachsmann travels in the International Headquarters to Los Angeles / USA and tranis there as the first European, a whole year, under the instructions of Dr. Joo Bang Lee, Master Henry T. Lee and Inst. Eric T. Lee.


Headquarter USA 1. Headquarter USA 2. Headquarter USA 4. 

Inst. Klaus Wachsmann finishes the test to the 1. Dan in Hwa Rang Do, in the Headquarters of the World Hwa Rang Do Association in Los Angeles.


First B.I.G. MAC USA 4.  First B.I.G. MAC USA 3. First B.I.G. MAC USA 1.

First B.I.G. MAC USA 5. First B.I.G. MAC USA 6. First B.I.G. MAC USA 7.

Hwa Rang Do Tournament in Los Angeles.

Fun Time USA

Fun Time USA 1. Fun Time USA 2. Fun Time USA 12.

Fun Time USA 6. Fun Time USA 9. Fun Time USA 10.

Fun Time USA 13.  Fun Time USA 4. Fun Time USA 5.