Europe Representavie

Chief Instructor Klaus Wachsmann becomes officially as Europe Representive of the World Hwa Rand Do Association.


First School in Europe

Chief Instructor Klaus Wachsmann opens the first Hwa Rand Do school in Europe in Castrop-Rauxel Germany.


First School 6. First School 7. First School 2.

First School 9. First School 8. First School 1.

First School 3. First School 5. First School 4.

First Demonstration

Disco Skyleb 3. Disco Skyleb 2.

Disco Skyleb 1. Disco Skyleb 4. Disco Skyleb 5.

The first presentation of Hwa Rang Do in public in Recklinghausen Disco Skyleb Germany.

Demonstratin in Castrop-Rauxel

Demo Castrop-Rauxel 3. Demo Castrop-Rauxel 2.

Demo Castrop-Rauxel 4. Demo Castrop-Rauxel 1.

Hwa Rang Do presentation in Castrop-Rauxel Germany.