Group lessons

We know every student wants to improve their skills und become more confident using defence techniques. This is why every student can take 1-to-1 classes or weekly group classes, both of which are taught by fully qualified instructors. Why not try both classes at the beginning to find out which is the right one for you. Of course, we will be happy to answer any question you might have.

Coaching for kids

Have you seen how fast children learn in their first years? Adults can barely imagine this pace and easyness.  Coaching in martial arts can be useful in many different situations. Children develop fast. If a child struggles with some movements, coaching can help him or her learn them in a few weeks. Realising how they learn and how to apply things a child develops self-confidence. They build up an individual pattern of self-defence which helps quit a self-perception as a victim. School, parents, siblings, friends, media and the internet all Influence children. Sometimes self-perception does not match reality. A structured art of movement like Hwarang Kwan Do as well as coaching result in a well-balanced attitude. Self-confidence in their abilities will be boosted by coaching which in turn helps the child to be happy and well-balanced – the basis for harmony and success.
Coaching – until recently only offered in special classes – is available for your children now!

Teaching Hwarang Kwan Do in a school or club is coaching for the future. Let’s get our children fit, let’s get fit for the future.

We train your children in these areas:

Sense of achievement

and much more…

1-to-1 classes / special classes

Intensive course or workshop: which is better for you?
There are pros and cons for either. It’s up to you to choose an intensive course or classes that give you more time in between. Have a look at our classes:

Individual programmes by IHKDO

H.S.C.T. Hwarang Special Combat Tactics

International Law Enforcement Mobile-Training Team

Military – special units

International Military Mobile Training Team

Corporate-Challenged Programs

Programme designed for the disabled e. g.  wheelchair users, blind people etc.

W.A.V.E.S. Weapon Attacks vs. Effective Self-defence
Security guards / Bodyguard Training

Self-Defense Workshops – Practical, efficient, informative – learn to effectively defend yourself

All programmes are customised to the individual needs of the student or group. For more details please contact IHKDO Internationale Headquarters in Germany