First step

Your first step to get to know one of the most fascinating Korean martial arts.
Come around for a trial class and we will do our best for you to enjoy your time with us.

What to expect in your first class?
Your instructor will welcome you, show you around and explain the training to you. You can also let us know what you are looking for and what your goals are.

Your training programme will be made according to traditional and modern martial arts methods to meet your expectations.

Hwarang Kwan Do School in Germany

Dojang Germany 4.  Dojang Germany 1.

Hwarang Kwan Do School in Portugal

Dojang Portugal 2.  Dojang Portugal 1.

Hwarang Kwan Do School in Spain

Dojang Spain 1.

 We promise:

You won’t go over the top
No sore muscles
You will feel much better after the work-out than before
You will be provided with tips to defend yourself from your first class

After the class you can talk to your instructor or arrange another trial class (up to three).
You can pop in and take part at once or you talk to us on the phone and arrange a trial class.

What to wear

Tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt
Trainers are not necessary as we train barefoot

We are looking forward to meeting you.

More classes:

Outdoor training
For individuals or small groups
Preparations for exams